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Stupid Level: Brain Dead

Videos Submitted: 301

Submitted Video Views: 8,065,404

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Last Login: Wed, August 13, 2008

Member Since: Mar. 20, 2007

Basic Info
Gender: Male
City: Hanoi
State: AK
Country: Viet Nam
About Me
easy going guy AND handsome as well

Jokes on you

Views: 1,096

Added: 4/13/2007

Metal Britney Sp...

Views: 142,516

Added: 4/13/2007

Mr. Bean

Views: 531

Added: 4/15/2007

Mr. Bean Cheatin...

Views: 140

Added: 4/15/2007

Mr. Bean at Bus ...

Views: 860

Added: 4/15/2007


Scorpion Booty

Views: 435,221

Added: 3/22/2007


Views: 330

Added: 3/29/2007

High Dive Into K...

Views: 462,678

Added: 3/30/2007

Truck Jumps Expl...

Views: 397,010

Added: 3/31/2007

Kitty Killer

Views: 259,373

Added: 4/2/2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 11:32:50 AM
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