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Added: 3/30/2011

gun show

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Added: 3/30/2011


I need an XBOX 3...

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Friday, October 16, 2015 5:53:37 PM

spring break 2011 I tried getting on my YouTube account "ADVENTURESof1234" only to find out it had been terminated because it was sighed up with the same email my brother used for his one. my friend once saw this website so I made an account here, but I also made a new YouTube account called "adventuresof123" no 4. the gun show is also on YouTube but everything else is a Stupid Videos.com exclusive more

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Rumbelnuts (Over 30 Days Ago)
waazz aaaappp?

38,673 posts
jthomp2 (Over 30 Days Ago)
No plans for a video at this time.

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BloodyRaven31 (Over 30 Days Ago)
I know Xiaolin Showdown was really good the first one, even though it basically ended without an actual ending. Didn't care much for the second one, I mean it was okay here and there, but for some reason parts of it didn't make sense. I'm not sure why, but Chase Young was my favorite, followed by Kimiko. In the sequel they make Chase into a complete loon.

Sorry, if I got long-winded there. When it comes to topics of interest I tend to get carried away.

38,673 posts
jthomp2 (Over 30 Days Ago)
Glad to accept. I need all the friends I can get.
adventuresof1234 (Over 30 Days Ago)
so do I, thanks for accepting